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Enveng Group, established in 2018, embarked on a journey with a specific goal: to deliver Environmental and Sustainability services to leading contractors in Western Australia for their Major Capital Projects.

Fast forward to today, we’ve not only diversified our services but also assembled a strong team of professionals. These individuals are not just employees; they’re committed to delivering quality work and are the driving force behind our success.

We’re more than just a company. We’re a collective force, a team dedicated to transforming the environmental practices in Western Australia.

We’re on an exciting journey towards a sustainable future, and we invite you to join us. Together, let’s make a difference!

A Wealth of Experience Spanning Decades

Our team brings together more than a century of combined experience across three continents in the Environmental and Engineering sectors.

Whether it's construction or consultancy, the founders of Enveng Group embarked on this exciting journey with a clear aspiration: to create something new and impactful in the field. Join us as we continue to make strides in our industry.

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Prioritize Clients Goals and Objectives

At the heart of Enveng Group, your goals and objectives are our top priority. We’re not just about numbers or profit margins. We’re a forward-thinking organization that thrives on building enduring relationships with local businesses, stakeholders, and suppliers.


We’re here to serve you, to understand your needs, and to help you succeed.

With Enveng Group, you’re not just a client, you’re a valued partner in our shared journey towards progress and a sustainable future.


Compact yet agile, brimming with innovation, and always ready to challenge the conventional. That’s us!

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Meet The Team



Managing Director

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Meet Simon, a seasoned veteran with a quarter-century of expertise in the construction and consulting industry, with a special focus on Environmental and Sustainability Management.

With a robust background in civil engineering and construction, Simon effortlessly integrates environmental aspects into the projects of our company, thereby instilling them into our clients’ culture.


After a near-decade long successful stint at Laing O’Rourke in Western Australia, Simon embarked on a new journey. He founded Enveng Group five years ago, with a vision to disseminate his vast knowledge and experience across the industry.

Adding to his impressive credentials, Simon earned his Infrastructure Sustainability Council ISAP accreditation in 2014. A true pioneer in his field, Simon is the driving force behind our mission for a sustainable future.



Junior Director - Major Projects

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Introducing Jon, who embarked on his journey with Enveng Group in October 2021 and swiftly ascended to the role of Junior Director just a year later in October 2022.

The bond between Jon and Simon isn’t new. Their professional camaraderie dates back over a decade, beginning when Simon brought Jon onboard at Laing O’Rourke in 2012.

With a solid foundation in Environmental Management, Jon has been the backbone of numerous projects. He’s been the guiding force behind the Environmental Management of projects like Stephenson Ave, Metronet NeWest Alliance, and Armadale Level Crossing (ALUA).

Adding another feather to his cap, Jon secured his ISAP accreditation in December 2021. A dynamic leader, Jon is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.



Manager - Approvals and Compliance

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Meet Chantal, a dynamic addition to the Enveng Group family since January 2022. She came onboard to bolster our ability to assist our Tier 1 and 2 clients in securing environmental approvals for Major Capital Projects across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Chantal has been a game-changer, securing numerous approvals for our clients on high-profile projects such as Perdaman Urea, Darwin Ship Lifts, Tianqi Lithium, and Mandurah Bridge Duplication.

Chantal, in collaboration with Simon, has recently completed EPBC Audits for a prominent mining client in the Pilbara region.

Recently, Chantal added the prestigious CEnvP to her credentials and now leads the Approvals and Compliance team at Enveng Group. A true environmental champion, Chantal is steering us towards a greener future!



Geospatial and Cartography

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Eva has worked with Simon for just over 6 years and prepares all GIS and Data deliverables on projects. 

Eva effectively makes sense of big and messy data and graphically presents the data in a succinct and accurate format.

Eva has prepared the GIS database and online WebApps for Perdaman, Stephenson Ave and Woodman Point providing real time data solutions to our clients and enviro's in the field. 



Accounts Manager

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Sinead is an ex-associate Partner with the award winning Carbon Group. 

Sinead holds a Masters Degree in accounting, she is the financial backbone to the business (and also keeps Simon in check). 



Environmental Advisor

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Amy has a BSc in Marine Biology and worked on marine natural resources management policy from Wales before moving over to Australia.


Here in Australia she has held roles in policy, compliance and approvals. She is passionate about marine conservation with a background in restoration, including hands-on experience restoring coral reefs.


Amy is going to be working on the portside aspect of the Perdaman Urea Project.



Principal Advisor

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Mikaela is a senior environmental and sustainability professional with just over 15 years of experience in the construction sector. 


She has worked with and for Simon since October 2010 and has been involved in every single project Enveng Group has delivered to date.

Mikaela, along with Jacob spearhead the Mandurah office and the local projects.

Mikaela is an ISAP (since 2014).



Environmental Advisor

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Jacob joined Enveng Group in 

September 2022 as an Environmental Advisor supporting the South West Gateway Alliance Bunbury Outer Ring Road Project deliviering the revegetation and landscaping packages of work. 


Jacob brings experience from Stage 1 of the BORR project, completed in 2012.  Jacob provides operational support, embedding within the SWGA team.  

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Senior Environmental Advisor – Approvals and Compliance

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Jes joined Enveng Group on the 8 January 2024 from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) as an Environmental Officer in Native Vegetation Regulation.

Jes joins Chantal in the approvals and compliance team and will be taking over the lead role for the Environmental Approvals and compliance on the AUD $6B Perdaman Urea Project in Karratha. 



Junior Environmental Advisor

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Manu joins us as a Junior Environmental Advisor holding a BEng specialising in Environmental Engineering.

Manu has experience in the automotive industry, where he has demonstrated expertise in optimizing resource consumption, water and waste management initiatives.


He also brings experience from designing and implementing environmental processes and standards outlined by the International Organization Standardization (ISO 14001).



Junior Environmental Advisor

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Gabriel joined Enveng Group in February 2022 and is currently based in Bunbury delivering the Bunbury Outer RIng Road Project with Southwest Gateway Alliance. 

Gabriel is conducting Cat 1 clearing and general environmental advisor support to the projects Environmental Manager and is working in close contact with Jacob on the revegetation and landscaping works. 

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Junior Environmental Advisor

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Ashley joined Enveng Group as a Junior Advisor in May 2023 and has been working on the Stephenson Ave Stage 2 Project for S2ME Alliance.  

Ashley has been providing support to the Metronet TCL project and has joined the growing team delivering environmental solutions for the AUD $6B Perdaman Urea Project on the Burrup. 

Ashley's experience includes flora, fauna and weed management over her previous 3 years. 



Personal Assistant

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Connor joined in January 2024 as a Personal Assistant to Simon.  

Connor has a BSc in Conservation and Wildlife Biology and a Masters in Conservation Biology. 


No doubt after a while Connor will transition into a Environmental Advisor role, however she is initially here to assist Simon and help manage his work load.



Graduate Environmental Advisor

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Alicia joined Enveng Group in June 2023 as a Graduate Environmental Advisor working on the Perdaman Urea Project alongside Chantal and Simon.

Alicia has already been on site in Karratha conducting groundwater monitoring, audits and inspections prior to the commencement of ground disturbing activities.



Graduate Environmental Advisor

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Johanna joined Enveng Group in September 2023 as a Graduate Environmental Advisor working on the Woodman Point and Armadale Level Crossing Project.

Johanna has already spent a notable amount of time on site conducting Acid Sulfate Soils, asbestos in soils investigations, groundwater monitoring, noise and vibration monitoring and inspections.


Our Journey So Far

June 2018


After 10 years in Australia (all in WA), Enveng was formed following the slow down in the major construction projects in the state.  

Enveng Group was formed with just Simon and Mikaela on board.

October 2018

Ramboll helps Enveng Group

Working on small opportunities, Enveng Group director joins Ramboll as Project Manager for Major Capital Projects to assist with Kwinana Waste to Energy and Mozambique Anadarko LNG Projects. 

Mikaela continues to work on smaller projects and develops the company's management system and framework in the background.

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