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Construction Water

Water Demand Assessments and Projection Models


Construction Water

Western Australia has an Integrated Water Supply Scheme that delivers approximately 279 billion litres of water to 1.5 million people across Perth, South West and the Goldfields. The main sources this water comes from is, the groundwater, surface water and desalination. Water is collected from these sources, treated to transform into potable water and piped to customers.

W.A.'s water resources are under increasing pressure, with a growth in population and climate changes. This pressure on our water sources means that there is subsequent pressure on construction projects to find alternative sources of water, or utilise existing groundwater licenses. Regional projects within W.A. and certain Perth projects may struggle to aquire new licensing due to our groundwater being fully allocate at some locations. Additonally government infrastructure projects may include a clause that proponents must source water for construction purposes from sources other than Water Corporation water supply service. This clause can somtimes seem daunting, especially as construction projects need a water supply.

Dont worry though, that is where we come in!

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So, What do Enveng do?

Enveng can assist with all applicable approval and licenses as well as any necessary engagement and negotiation with landowners who have current groundwater licenses to either transfer or trade water. For rural properties nearby to projects, we can negotiate with farmers and property owners for use of water from privately owned Dams, alternatively where your Project has dewatering activities occuring we can assess the feasibility and legality of storing extracted water in a turkeys nest and using it for construction purposes.

Enveng can help your team with water demand assessments and projection models to ensure you plan and cost for an accurate water use and water source allowance thoughout you Projects life, we carry out regular monitoring of Project usage to ensure compliance.

Our knowledge and understanding of construction will provide you with first hand practical solutions such as; optimizing the clearing and program to reduce water use, using native species to vegetate and dust suppressants opposed to water carts. Additonally our experience and knowledge in the water treatment industry gives us an edge and allows our team to provide your project the most up to date and innovative construction water options and alternatives and our construction experience allows us to provide you specialist expertise to meet your objectives, budget and timeframe.

Other Services

Preliminary water demand models - Identification of water resources - Consideration of regulatory requirements - Engagement with regulators and water services - Application for licenses and approvals (i.e. 5 C licence) - Work with your construction team, designers and program staff - Assist your team with landscaping and revegetation program and strategy - Installation of wells and monitoring bores - Pump tests - Installation of pumps and turkeys nests - Monitoring of water quality & volume - Monitor Aquifer drawn down & groundwater levels - Compliance Reporting - Reuse & Life – Cycle assessment of materials i.e. liner and sediment - Monitoring of Aquifer recovery - Closure Reports.


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