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Enveng Group is a solution and outcome-driven business that aims to reduce environmental related costs while minimising project risk.  We integrate our services with our clients systems and represent our clients with the utmost professionalism and integrity. 

We firmly believe that both our clients and our success is interdependent. 


So what can we do?  Check out our key services below.



We consider ourselves to be leading Environmental Contractors working on behalf of (and integrating with) our clients team during tenders and delivery on Major Capital Projects (MCP) across Western Australia.


With climate change, pollution and limited resources, Sustainability is an imperative business practice.  Enveng offers strategic and advisory support that will reduce your impact, improve your quadruple bottom line and build meaningful value within your organisation and projects.

Our team of qualified ISAPs are ready to assist your next MCP.



Enveng Group assists our Clients in remaining compliant with relevant legislation after environmental approvals have been achieved and during your project’s activities. 


All prospective project opportunities are assessed in an ongoing manner and reported via our online PowerBi Dashboards.


If you need additional resources for your project, then why not grab one of our team to represent your project.  

We have staff from Graduates to Project Managers who have local and FIFO experience.

Enveng Group has access to safety construction professionals and occupational hygienists also. 

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