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Audits and Compliance

Third - Party Auditing lends to your Corporate Social Responsibility and transparency in todays corporate climate.


Audits and Compliance

Companies and Projects today are required to compy with stringent legislative, regulator, client and stakeholder requirements, conditions and committments. It can be difficult to keep track of the governance compliance obligations set before organisations and projects.

Auditing is a common and effective tool that is used to evaluate whether a company is following obligations and applicable industry standards as well as achieving objectives and targets related to environmental performance.

First-party or internal auditing can be conducted by your team, however Enveng can conduct your second -party (supplier & sub-contractors) audits and your third-party audits to remove all conflict of interest issues.

Third - Party audits need to be conducted by parties that are totally independent of your business. Which means no matter which way you spin it, your company is going to need an outside consultant to conduct any third-party audits.

If your Project is working under environmental approvals (EPA and EPBC) third-party auditing is often a condition of approval and if your organisation is ISO14001 certified, then third-party audits are required to ensure compliance with the standard and to confirm your system meets the specific criteria.

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So, What do Enveng do?

Project Compliance Audits

During the early stages of your Project, such as tendering or Project award, we assess your compliance obligations and determine the type, scope and frequency of all third-party audits required.

During construction and operations our team can perform third-party auditing to ensure compliance against client contractual requirements and regulator conditions under state and commonwealth approvals.

Facility Compliance Audits

We have international experience in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines conducting fabrication and site verification audits and inspections at industrial facilities including steel fabrication and cement industries on behalf of our Australian clients.

We can perform periodic third-party environmental audits of industrial facilities which is an important tool to verify a facilities compliance with various environmental requirements of a given geographical location and evaluate facility’s routine environmental management practices.

We tailor your audit to the facility location. Our environmental audit will include all applicable environmental regulatory and permitting requirements of state, federal, and local regulating agencies within the country the facility and/or supplier is located within.

Supply Chain Performance and Compliance Audits

Supply chains can have a strategic impact on an organization’s performance and their overall compliance against environmental regulations.

Our qualified auditors have been evaluated and accredited through SAI Global Assurance.


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