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Management Plans

Enveng Group assesses your environmental aspects & impacts and those which require management plans.


Management Plans

Environmental Management Plans are an important tool to ensure that environmental management and monitoring is planned, communicated and implemented on projects. Environmental Plans, establish the compliance framework for Projects and detail the project specific aspects and impacts to the local environment, they are more often than not a contractual requirement during tendering and project award through to construction and operations.

Projects and Assets that have approvals under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 or the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 are usually required to prepare and implement various management plans, specified as conditions and commitments.

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So, What do Enveng do?

Enveng Group have a dedicated team with over a decades experience across all industry sectors develping Construction Environmental Management Plans and associated environmental plans for high risk aspects on your Project.

Our knowledge of construction delivery processes, legislative obligations, environmental governance and environmental management systems ensures that the management plans we provide you are detailed, scope and location specific and compliant with relevant stakeholder and regulatory requirements.

We can provide you with outline plans during project tendering and detailed plans during contract award and operational phases of Projects.

During tender phases, our team conducts a review of all documentation and assesses the likely environmental plans that your Project will require, which helps the commercial and project team plan for resources and plan development costs.

Plans we can develop:

Construction Environmental Management Plans - Environmental Management Plans for Tender or Proposal- Environmental Demobilisation Plans - Noise & Vibration Management (including night – works) - Air Quality & Dust Management Plan - Flora & Fauna Management Plans - Revegetation & Rehabilitation Plans - Asbestos Management & Remediation Plans - Contaminated Sites Management and Remediation Plans - Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plan - Dewatering Management Plans - Topsoil & Hygiene Management Plans - Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods Management Plan - Heritage Management & Protection Plans - Wetlands Management Plans - Sustainability Management Plans.


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