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Planning and Approvals

Experienced in preparing Environmental Approvals and implmenting associated conditions.


Planning and Approvals

In Western Australia the Environmental Protection Act 1986, the Environmental Protection and Biodioversity Act 1999 (Cwth) and the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 are major legislative Acts that govern and regulate a projects or assests impacts on the surrounding environment, matters of national signifcance and cultural heritage places. There are several other key Acts and supporting regulations that modulate actions and activities both on land and within the marine environment.

Local governments, mine owners and infrastruture sectors additonally have permits and approvals required in many regions and for certain activities.

Many organisations and Projectss are having to complete Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS) to submit to the EPA for approval to carry out construction and operations of a project or asset. Once approved, Projects must comply with the conditions, committment and constraints that accompany state and commonwealth environmental approvals.

Understanding cultural heritage specific to your location and in greater context within our Country and ensuring Traditional Owners are supported, understood and respected is essential.

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So, What do Enveng do?

Enveng Group has extensive and comprehensive knowledge of all state and commonwealth legislation so we can identify your Projects needs early and ensure resources and management strategies are planned and allocated for. In our experience this early identification of a Projects governance framework and compliance obligations aids in ensuring a Project doesnt experience delays and programing issues.


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