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Spoil Management

Enveng has developed procedures to specifically comply with Western Australian legislation and guidelines.


Spoil Management

Soil is an important natural resource as it supports plant growth, stores and filters water and provides habitat for organisms, among other functions. To help preserve this resource, good soil management practises across projects should be considered during planning phases and executed during construction.

When excess soils are generated (the resource is subsequently termed spoil). Reusing spoil onsite or at another site is a beneficial cost - saving for Projects , provided the spoil is uncontaminated and does not have an adverse impact on the receiving environment.

Excavated soils on site can be stockpiled and classified as uncontaminated or contaminated. A Project should be cautious about declaring spoil as "clean" without having a thorough understanding of the sites context, historical land uses and potential contamination pathways. Additionally, what could be construed as “clean” (or natural) on one site may be contaminated on another (e.g. Acid Sulfate Soils, high background concentrations of metals) and historical activities on greenfield sites may attribute to contaminated soils (i.e. application of herbicides/pesticide, fire-fighting foams-PFOS, illegal fly-tipping). Therefore, where Projects are classifying soils as "clean" they may require supporting soil assessment data and analysis to be carried out.

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So, What do Enveng do?

Enveng Group strongly believes that adopting a resource recovery approach in regards to spoil is an essential component of moving forward into a more sustainable future. We like to find new and innovative opportunities to recycle and reuse and we want to help you do the same.

Our team can assist your Project with developing a site specific spoil management strategy. Our process includes desktop investigations of soil charateristics and geotechnical data for your site, and where deemed necessary onsite soil testing and analysis of the spoil stockpiles to determine extent and type of contamination (if any) that will aid in the appropriate soil classification and the subsequent disposal or remediation and resuse options. We have decades of experience preparing management plans and environmental procedures and to ensure spoil is continuously managed appropriately and according to applicable guidelines, our team can provide your project with a tailored Spoil Management Plan and supporting procedure for handling, storage, sampling, analysis and reuse / disposal.

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